Oo La Lab: Fragrance Workshop

DELTA HOUSE #02-04 2 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159919
Suggested Gift:
Give someone an amazing fragrance workshop gift or let them choose among Oo La Lab's existing selection of unique scents! Oo La Lab is a Singapore craft-your-own-fragrance experience providing the means to create your own fragrances from scratch. 
Oo La Lab have established themselves at the forefront of selling personalized fragrances that can provoke a specific human sentiment. Craft a fragrance that makes people calm, uplifted or why not more concentrated? Using only the finest ingredients, customize and experiment the way forward during the workshops, under the guidance of their expert mixologist, to create the signature scent. 
Craft a new fragrance for a room fragrance spray, essential oils, scented soy candles or perfume. A great gift experience for anyone that would be happy to personalize the air around them!