Corporate and Bulk Purchases of Gift Vouchers

Want to make a corporate or bulk purchase of gift cards and vouchers? Hate the hassle of having to go to the physical stores to get them? Now you can get them online with Giftano!




Giftano provides corporate and bulk purchases of gift cards and vouchers online in Singapore at reduced prices. Choose from an array of specially selected merchants from the comfort of your office or home and be amazed at what we have to offer. You can pay by invoice, bank transfer, PayPal or any other preferred method.

Looking to customize these gift cards or vouchers for that extra personal touch? Giftano has all the tools to do that for you. From changing the design of the gift voucher, to including personal messages and company logos, Giftano has it covered. We can even customize a greeting card and send a bouquet of flowers along with your gift vouchers for an extra special touch. Perfect for internal corporate purchases, events or weddings, Giftano is happy to cater to your needs.

  1. Free delivery
  2. Personalised message
  3. Pay by invoice or any other preferred method
  4. Include your logo
  5. Reduced prices
  6. Other customized services