Multiple Locations in Singapore
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Great For:
Gift someone PS.Cafe gift vouchers and treat them to a fulfilling fine-dining experienceto celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, or evenfor a simple afternoon tea with friends or family & loved ones.
With locations situated in the city centre of Singapore, PS.Cafe offers delectable and "savoury cafe classics". Be it a weekday brunches or bringing a date alone for some fine wine, PS.Cafe gives customers what they desire along with excellent service and breathtaking views.
Offering a variety of dishes ranging from soups, salads, to an array of pasta choices, paired with some fresh juices, soda, or alcohol as one pleases, PS.Cafe offers a warm and exuberant experience with its incredible flavours. Customized to meet the Singaporean taste buds, it offers unique specials every day to satisfy the cravings for an adventurous new palate.